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01:53pm 15/07/2005
  does anyone know why the pgmg august 17 minneapolis show was cancelled, and if/when it will be rescheduled?  
02:50am 15/06/2005
mood: accomplished
wow, this community is a little dead!! oh well. i was listening to the new romance today, beginning to end. it was pretty dope, i had fun. i love this band!

thought i'd share, hah.
04:34am 15/03/2005
mood: curious
Big PGMG fan.
Why aren’t there more people out there listening to them?
Damn it I'm angry!
Anyways, anyone seen them live?
11:30pm 16/10/2004
  yay. PGMG rocks. Im like 1 out of 50 people in the US thats heard of them. :-D ok maybe thats a tad off....but alot of people havent heard of them.  
i'm new!!! 
09:26pm 08/06/2003
i was at the other pgmg community and saw this one. and i see that its not all that busy. haha but anyfuck.....i saw pretty girls make graves last friday in OKC at the green door!!!!!!1 they were fucking awesome!!!!1 andrea is soooooo nice & J plays guitar like a fuckin mad man. maybe i can post pics of the show on here!!!
okie byeye
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hellos and smiles 
03:20pm 12/04/2003
mood: happy
hi my name is lesia, and i am the creator/manager of this community. i love pretty girls make graves and that was obviosly my main motivation. so you love them too? join up kids.
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